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NEW! 3" Luxury Sleeping Pad
NEW! 3" Luxury Sleeping Pad
NEW! 3" Luxury Sleeping Pad
NEW! 3" Luxury Sleeping Pad
NEW! 3" Luxury Sleeping Pad
NEW! 3" Luxury Sleeping Pad

NEW! 3" Luxury Sleeping Pad

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How to roll up

How to self-inflate


Product detail

Heavy duty, 100% waterproof sleeping pad uses 1500 denier vinyl, one of the most resilient vinyl for sleeping pads currently in the market. Expertly designed with the perfect blend of firm and comfort in mind. You will notice the balanced resistance feel of a firm mattress on any rigid area.

The uniquely Contoured Edge Weld technique hugs the foam to create a fitted design. We played around with this design for almost a year. 

Initially, we tested welding the pads straight across on the ends of the pad which was simple. However, we noticed it didn't hold up well over time. The extra tab of vinyl at the end would bump and rub onto objects and the pressure of weight and air caused it to leak after a number of uses. 

The Contoured Edge Weld technique enhances strength to withstand stress, wear, and damage to be more durable and last longer without any leaks.

Straps used to compress pad doubles as handles for you to conveniently carry around. 

Need extra support? Easily use your raft pump to add additional air. 

No sewing or glue used in the process. All straps are hand welded for superior strength.

Instructions for use: Unbuckle, open valve, allow 15-30 seconds to self inflate, close valve, pump with air (optional).

Instructions for transport:  Open valve, roll pad tightly from top, wrap straps around pad, buckle, tighten straps, close valve.

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Heavy duty

  • Withstand stress, wear, and damage
  • Product breaking strength
  • Abrasion/tear resistant

PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

  • 100% waterproof
  • Anti-mildew
  • UV protection
  • Weather resistance

All Welded seams

  • Superior strength
  • Reliability
  • Tearing strength


  • 3" offers a firm luxury pad
Boat Air Valve
  • Allows air in to add additional support
  • Allows air to release for tight compress
  • Uses same nozzle for inflatable rafts
Dual Buckles with straps
  • Buckle sleeping pad and tighten with heavy weave 1" straps.

Tech Specs*


72 x 24 x 3 in

Rolled dimension

40 in circumference, 12 in width, 24 in length


100% Polyurethane in 22 oz PVC vinyl


Self-inflating in 15-30 seconds



*all specs are approximate, actual specs depend on many variations.

Tech Specs of vinyl used

22oz vinyl

Base Fabric (100% Polyester)


Tensile Strength

500 lbs x 500 lbs

Tear Strength 

145 lbs x 145 lbs 

Abrasion Resistance 

600 cycles 

U.V. Resistance

Not excessive fading after 300 HRS

Cold Crack Resistance

-40° F

Californian Residents