paddle-idaho - New! Sawtooth Duffel Bag - Duffel
paddle-idaho - New! Sawtooth Duffel Bag - Duffel
paddle-idaho - New! Sawtooth Duffel Bag - Duffel
paddle-idaho - New! Sawtooth Duffel Bag - Duffel
paddle-idaho - New! Sawtooth Duffel Bag - Duffel
paddle-idaho - New! Sawtooth Duffel Bag - Duffel
paddle-idaho - New! Sawtooth Duffel Bag - Duffel

40L Small Sawtooth Duffel Bag

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Product Detail

The Sawtooth Duffel Bag is built and engineered for adventurers. Built with 1500 denier vinyl, one of the most durable bags for outdoor sports available. Designed to get into your bag a lot easier than getting into the bottom of a dry bag.

Waterproof, weatherproof, mud, dust, and sand proof. Designed to withstand extreme conditions. Will not puncture or rip easily. 

Exceptional design

  • Constructed with heavy duty 22oz vinyl a similar material used to make whitewater rafts. 
  • Seams welded together with high heat to create the absolute best adhesion between the two vinyl properties to protect against leaks and tears.
  • Each component added is reinforced for durability and reliability. No sewing or glue used to attach parts.


We understand no one likes to be a pack rat on camping trips and we get it, you NEED your stuff. The wide open top allows you to stuff larger items and the 3 buckles and straps allow you to compress it all into one bag. This is what we call, "packing smarter not harder." 

Ease of access

When you need to easily access your gear, your duffel will make it simple to get into and out of the bag.


Use for adventure travel, water sports, camping, motorcycle adventures, car roof bag and other activities where space and weight are factors and when you need to keep things dry.


Velcro top, fold over 3 times and clip securely on sides and center, pull straps to tighten. Keep some air trapped to allow bag to float.

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Not quite the right size, color, design? We make all bags and can modify or design exactly what you need. Create custom bag.



Heavy duty

  • Withstand stress, wear, and damage
  • Product breaking strength
  • Abrasion/tear resistant

PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

  • 100% waterproof
  • Anti-mildew
  • UV protection
  • Weather resistance

Welded seams

  • Bonding strength
  • Reliability
  • Tearing strength

Heavy woven 1.5" straps

  • Designed to carry heavier loads

Triple Buckles with straps

  • Buckle on sides and tighten with heavy weave 1" straps.
  • Buckle in center with 1.5 inch buckle and straps

Industrial grade Velcro

  • Welded Velcro at the top of the bag to easily fold bag down

Dual handles

  • Round, heavy duty handles to withstand heavier loads

Removable padded shoulder strap

  • Expect comfort and hands-free convenience with the 1.5" shoulder strap, removable for when you don't need it.


Tech Specs*

Dimension not rolled

10"W x 22"H x 20"L

Rolled dimension

(full bag)

46" circumference, 10 in width, 12 in height




*all specs are approximate, actual specs depend on many variations.

Tech Specs of vinyl used

22oz vinyl

Base Fabric (100% Polyester)


Tensile Strength

500 lbs x 500 lbs

Tear Strength 

145 lbs x 145 lbs 

Abrasion Resistance 

600 cycles 

U.V. Resistance

Not excessive fading after 300 HRS

Cold Crack Resistance

-40° F

    Californian Residents