Locally Crafted Waterproof Products


Our Mission. To innovate and design the highest quality waterproof gear at the best competitive price to provide an exceptional outdoor experience for adventure seekers.

Our Vision. Improve your adventure experiences inspiring you to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and create wonderful memories with friends and family.


Boise Weekly January 8, 2020

Hello! I'm Bobbi and I truly believe adventure is an essential part of life because it creates experiences and memories which bring people closer together. That’s why I've designed every Paddle Idaho product around this idea. I have a desire to design products to inspire more outdoor adventures.

The Idea. We went looking for a heavy duty, reusable bag we could take on adventures, but couldn’t find one. We needed a bag reliable enough to hold heavy gear, durable enough to use for multiple seasons, and strong enough to withstand rough terrain.

My father build's whitewater rafts and suggested making bags from the same resilient raft vinyl. So that’s exactly what we did.

Concept and Development. After coming up with plenty of ideas and modifying multiple designs, we handcrafted a set of 4 different sized bags. We set off on our adventure to put our bags to the test. After our exploration, we found the bags not only withstood Idaho’s rough terrain but they were also practical.

We returned home with innovative ideas to design even more products. We worked night and day sourcing materials, perfecting the delicate art of hand welding, and undertaking plenty of adventurous field testing along the way.

Handmade. Before long, we had a full line of products we could take anywhere, helping us truly enjoy the great outdoors. This is why we want to share Paddle Idaho products with the world. New colors and designs have followed, but we’ve stayed true to our roots. Our vinyl products remain handmade, right here in Idaho.

Strength. Durability. Reliability. Strong enough to withstand rough terrain, durable enough to use over and over, and reliable enough to hold heavy gear. You can rely on them for a lifetime — we guarantee it.

Whether your adventure is on a global stage or within your own state, we’ve created products to help people like you reconnect with the world around us, and we can’t wait for you to try one yourself. The only thing we can’t do, is help you decide where you’re going to take it first.

Adventure on!