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About Paddle Idaho

Paddle Idaho dry bags were developed around the idea of a weatherproof solution to keep your gear dry, year after year.

We wanted to reduce the worry of leaving important belongings behind and ensure activities can be enjoyed without any second guessing.

Each bag is made with heavy duty vinyl, a similar material used to make whitewater rafts. Welded together with high heat, no glue used so you can expect these to last years and years.

Whether you're going on a river adventure, backpacking, or just need a strong bag, Paddle Idaho bags are designed to withstand rigorous activities. This means you can toss the bags around in the rain, snow, sand, or mud. We expect these bags to take a good beating.

There are many uses for the bags, you'll see once you purchase one. Since we love to camp, our favorite use is to store all of our camping gear in the different size bags. We used to use bins but they broke year after year. Now, we get to the campsite and just toss the bags onto the ground. Once the bags are empty we like to collect firewood inside the bag then store water in the bag to put out the fire at night. 

Cleaning is a breeze, just rinse with water and you'll be ready to pack them back up with your camping gear.


All of our products are designed, developed, and created in Boise, Idaho.

We sure hope you enjoy the bags as much as we do. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at we would love your feedback.

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