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Tips for Success

  1. Learn about the products
  2. Figure out who would be most interested
  3. Target audiences to specific products
  4. Create links to specific products on your blog or posts

View all products Here's a link to all product images and descriptions for your blog. If you need more images -- let us know. 

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Getting Paid

Anyone who makes a purchase using your link/code on Paddle Idaho's website will receive 10% off and you will receive 20% commission of that sale.

Review Period - This defines the length of time before commissions will be issued after a sale is made through your link. The review period is 29 days. After the review period, Kickbooster will disperse your commission payments on the 1st or 15th of the month (or closest business day) for all account balances of $10 and over. 

The cookie duration is 60 days. This is the length of time a Booster has after the referral link is clicked to earn a commission. Learn More.

Key product highlights

  1. 100% customer satisfaction. Customers have a 30 day return period if they are not completely satisfied
  2. Local vinyl products. All vinyl products are cut, designed, and welded in Boise, Idaho
  3. Heavy duty bags. Vinyl gear made with 18-22oz vinyl (1000 denier-1500 denier). The standard dry bag is around 500 denier, our bags are more than 3 times the strength of the average vinyl dry bag.
  4. Best prices for top quality. We stay on top of the latest prices to remain competitive in the marketplace. Because we sell our own products, we have full control of our prices.

Why we do this.

We started, and continue to be in business because we believe in our mission and vision 100%. We design products for extreme sports and activities to inspire positive experiences outdoors.

More questions about Kickbooster? Visit the FAQ page.

Questions or suggestions? We're all ears. 

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